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V4 Hinge

* Suitable for 18-32mm thick wooden doors and aluminum frame doors.
* Maximum size of door: height 2700mm, width 500m,metal cup depth 16.6mm.
* Door seam adjustment: +2.5/-0mm.
* Up/Down adjustment:+1.0/-1.0mm
* Cover adjustmen:+2.0/-2.0mm
* Maximum cover position D=21.5mm (wooden door)
* Maximum cover position of aluminum frame door D=19.5mm.
* Opening angle: 105 degree.
* Door panel drilling distance (K) value: 3-6mm (wooden door).
* Aluminum frame door fixed K value: 4mm.
* Material: zinc alloy + manganese steel (special treatment).
* Surface treatment: Black Nickel Plated.